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Chelsea Collection

Chelsea Collection

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The Chelsea collection is stylish and sophisticated seating. Featuring quilted arm detailing, metal legs and Malia velvet fabric seat cushions constructed from foam with a 300g high-loft fibre wrap and the angled legs lifted the sofa high to allow an airy ambiance.


Halfmoon Footstool: H:52 x W:90 x D:70 (cm)
Standard Footstool:   H:43 x W:63 x D:66 (cm)
Small Swivel Chair: H:100 x W:105 x D:105 (cm)
Medium Swivel Chair: H:100 x W:120 x D:120 (cm)
Armchair:   H:94 x W:105 x D:94 (cm)
2 Seater:  H:94 x W:142 x D:94 (cm)
3 Seater:  H:94 x W:164 x D:94 (cm)
Right Hand Corner:  H:94 x W:200 x D:233 (cm)
Left hand Corner: H:94 x W:233 x D:200 (cm)


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