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Darwin Collection

Darwin Collection

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This Darwin sofa is a great choice for your living space. The high quality faux leather upholstery, solid birch wooden frame and foam filled cushions all combine to create a comfortable and stylish sofa. There are a range of fabric options available to order if you wish to change the look. The fabric options include Sultan Brown, Sultan Grey and Sultan Oatmeal.


Designer Footstool: H:40 x W:95 x D:65 (cm)
Halfmoon Footstool: H:52 x W:90 x D:70 (cm)
Standard Footstool:   H:43 x W:63 x D:66 (cm)
Medium Swivel Chair: H:100 x W:120 x D:120 (cm)
Large Swivel Chair: H:100 x W:135 x D:135 (cm)
Accent Chair: H:94 x W:95 x D:65 (cm)
Armchair:   H:94 x W:105 x D:94 (cm)
Love Chair: H:94 x W:150 x D:94 (cm)
2 Seater:  H:94 x W:180 x D:94 (cm)
3 Seater:  H:94 x W:210 x D:94 (cm)
4 Seater: H:94 x W:265 x D:94 (cm)
Sedaflex Sofabed:  H:94 x W:210 x D:97 (cm)
Small Corner: H:94 x W:216 x D:216 (cm)
Right Hand Corner:  H:94 x W:216 x D:288 (cm)
Left hand Corner: H:94 x W:288 x D:216 (cm)
Large Corner:

H:94 x W:288 x D:288 (cm)


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